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LT125cc SUZUKI four wheeler you give the gas it dies out But i need to know how the vacuum lines run do you have a die gram I'm pretty sure there's no vacuum lines on it. clean your carb Feb 12, 2010 | RTO 125cc Full Size Adult Quad ATV

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HI all: I have a 2002 Magnum 500 RMK. I just had the carb rebuilt by a Polaris dealer. It runs great. Idles perfect, accelerates great, perfect. That is until it dies. It acts like it runs out of gas OR the spark fails. I put a new fuel filter, fuel pump, and nice fresh gas on it. I seen on the...

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So i have a honda 250ex, and today whenever i would give it gas, i would here a strange whistling noise coming from the cylinder block in the engine. When in neutral the sound was not heard. I never heard this sound before and it made me a little nervous. Just wondering if there's a problem with it or if i need to replace something.

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Mar 16, 2005 · the gas station is a good one.. never had any problems... the mechanic cleaned something and my dad told me it would take a day to really tell.. so maybe they did what you said about the fuel injector.. he had said something about it being the fuel injector but since i'm going somewhere this weekend we went ahead and took it to the mechanic... i really hope it gets better...

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Well the bike fires up everytime now and will keep running as long as i give it gas. As soon as I stop the bike dies. I took it out for a little test ride, its running rough and there is a little lag when i open the throttle all the way. It backfires a little at low rpm.

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Oct 01, 2002 · The spark has to be timed so that it sets off the gas at the right part of the piston cycle, usually when the piston is near the top of the cylinder. On most engines ignition timing is set by loosening a distributor hold down bolt and rotating the distributor to advance or retard the spark timing.

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