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I don’t own an SWR Analyzer so testing was performed using an old Citizens Band SWR meter. While accuracy was questionable it did provide a reference point so the length of the loop was adjusted until I got the lowest reflected power reading. Loop antennas can be either 3 or 4 sided.

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Jan 13, 2020 · An SWR (short for “standing wave ratio”) meter is a calibration tool used to measure the standing wave ratio of a CB ("citizens band") radio, a type of short-distance radio system that allows users to communicate over a limited number of channels.

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has an SWR of roughly 1.8:1 at resonance (see Figure 2). However, the SWR stays close to 2:1 across the entire 2-meter band. Modern 2-meter rigs can handle this easily, and the losses are quite small at an SWR of 2:1. In the true spirit of homebrew simplicity, matching is not called for,

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$p = $DC_voltage_terminated / $DC_voltage_not_terminated); $rtrnloss_db = -20 * log10($p); $SWR = (1 + $p) / (1 - $p); Example: Unterminated voltage is 2.0 Volts Terminated voltage is 0.8 Volts Then the return loss is 7.96 dB or a SWR of 2.33

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mast and ends 1 meter above ground level. So basically a square inverted U This is the far end of the antenna. I've not seen any corona or arcing yet!. This configuration gave, acording to my countless models, the lowest reactance and highest radiation resistance possible, and only 14 meters long in the H plane.

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When you use an SWR meter and cannot find a near 1:1 SWR anywhere in the 2 meter band, you need to make note of three SWR measurements. One at 144 MHz, one at 146 MHz and one at 148 MHz. If you find that the SWR is lower at 144 than at 146 and 148 MHz, then you know the antenna is tuned below the 2-meter band. Mar 11, 2019 · An SWR meter, Stainding wave ratio, like the AUSWR meter, is used in connection with a short coaxial cable with the radio and antenna system. When a “SWR” is tesed, the meter will show, if your antenna is properly working or not.

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