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M78 H27 1 13 24 13 10 11 14 11 32 14 10 8 10 12 12 21 Sa ... HVR1 Haplogroup - H Mutações no 16262T 16278T 16519C Sou do Haplogrupo H no ADN-DNA mitocondrial, o de ...

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the HG6 haplogroup, and two specific to the HG23 hap-logroup. We reclassified some haplotypes, and refer to the four HG1–3 haplotypes Hb.1, H27, H5b and H5a collectively as HG27. The 170 K Illumina HD Canine SNP Array contains a single diagnostic site specific to the HG27 haplogroup as well as one site specific to HG1–3.

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Oct 11, 2018 · This was the maternal haplogroup given to my dad. I can't find much on it and was wondering if anyone is in this haplogroup or knows anything about it. I'm not really expecting to get a response but thought that it was worth a shot anyway.

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2.12 A concentration of acorns at the base of pit H27 at Hemudu 63 2.13 Plan of dug features of early paddy fields from Caioxieshan, late Majiabang period (4500–4000 b c) 68 2.14 A synthetic chronology of Neolithic China 71 3.1 Complete skeletons of cows excavated at Shantaisi (Longshan culture), zhecheng county, Henan Province 87

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ゲノム (Genome) とは、一般にある生物 (Living Organism) の持つすべての遺伝情報 (Heredity Information) を指す。

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CASC4: A gene on chromosome 15q15.3 that encodes a membrane protein of unknown function.

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