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The best stopping power is a complex mix of many different factors, including how fast the round is traveling and what it does when it enters the attacker's body. While the classic .45 ACP round is large, it's also relatively slow, with an average velocity of 850-900 FPS for most types of ammo.

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The following ammunition cartridge ballistics information and chart can be used to approximately compare .357 Magnum vs .45 Colt (LC Long Colt) ammo rounds. Please note, the following information reflects the estimated average ballistics for each caliber and does not pertain to a particular manufacturer, bullet weight,

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Enter the weight of your bullet and the velocity of the round below to calculate the energy and power factor of the round. Many manufacturer provided velocities may or may not be over/under stated, different based on your gun and your shooting conditions. We recommend using a reading from your own chronograph if possible

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A correction on my last post. I just looked at different ballistic chart that lists a .357 125 grain JHP at 1450 fps. You get the picture though. Full power .357 loads are pretty hot for a short barrel. Hopefully the new short barrel load at 1000 fps will be a good compromise between .38 +P and full power .357 loads.

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Handgun studies overall do not report a much statistical difference in “stopping power” between 9mm, .40, and .45 ACP cartridges, as long as quality HP ammo is used. Generally, I recommend the 9mm as the best all-around caliber for concealed carry licensees, but with HP ammo, +P load, and 124 grain weight.

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Jul 10, 2010 · Reference scale for ammo stopping power as rated on the Hatcher scale. Thought it was good info. LL THE STOPPING POWER OF DIFFERENT HANDGUN CARTRIDGES 2/22/2003 Posted on Saturday, February 22, 2003 10:34:22 PM by 2nd_Amendment_Defender General Julian Hatcher, a noted forensic... Both service branches are considering setting aside the M16/M4 rifle platform in favor of a new rifle that offers more range and stopping power, potentially firing a different caliber bullet as well.

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