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To get started, look at the example of a system of 3 linear equations containing 3. variables/unknowns. GIVEN the system of 3 linear equations in standard form: The coefficients and constants in the system are going to be entered as a 3 by 4 matrix, one row for each equation. On the TI-Nspire CAS, open a document. 1: Add Calculator page. Choose ...

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MathGrapher is another free 3D graphing software for Windows. You can plot graphs for simple as well as complex functions. It includes plotting graphs for statistical data, linear and nonlinear curve fitting, iterations, matrices, ordinary differential equations (ODE’s), Lindenmayer systems, and cellular automata.

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These graphing puzzles contain over 40 ordered pairs to plot, divided into 3 to 16 different shapes. For each shape plot the ordered pairs on the axis and connect them in order. If you wish to practice with easier puzzles use our Four Quadrant Graphing Puzzle which contain 10 to 40 ordered pairs.

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Learn how to use systems of linear equations with revenue and cost functions to find the breakeven point. Linear Models and Lemons Max wants to start his own lemonade stand.

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The tab (Graphing) graph the equations in the interval given. The Test button setup a default differential (for testing only). Email: [email protected] if you have any questions. This version has been tested with both IE, Chrome, FireFox & Safari browser.

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Graphing a Linear Equation . Intercepts: The x-intercept is where the graph crosses the x -axis. The y-coordinate is always 0. The y-intercept is where the graph crosses the y -axis. The x-coordinate is always 0. Graphing Lines by Finding the Intercepts: Steps Example Step 1: Find y-intercept • Let x = 0 • Substitute 0 for x; solve for y.

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