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myfirewall1 # show full-configuration system ha config system ha set group-id 0 set group-name "FGT-HA" set mode a-p set password ENC set hbdev "port5" 20 "port6" 10 set route-ttl 10 set route-wait 0 set route-hold 10 set Change the tunnel state. Bring up a vpn tunnel manually. No traffic required.

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Here's a quick how-to on restarting a specific member of a High Availability FortiGate hardware firewall cluster. I have only tested this on a cluster of FG60 units, but am quite sure the steps would be similar for a cluster of FG100s, FG310s etc… First of all you may or may not want to set up some monitoring...

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Page 4 Basic Connections FortiGate Setup Options OS X Web Browser Internet Setup Wizard (p.5) With FortiExplorer (p.6) WAN Port Terminal Emulation With console cable (p.7) FortiExplorer App Power Connection Configuration (pp.8-9) Web Browser with Ethernet cable Connect your device to a power outlet and an Internet connection.

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If you are creating a Pritunl cluster with multiple hosts first activate the license on the host configured above. Then repeat the database setup step above with each host. When a new host connects to the database all other hosts will automatically be aware of the new host. No additional configuration is needed.

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config user group name: LDAP VPN Users checked firewall, allow ssl-vpn access (tunnel-access) added member "testuser" set remote server to the We've been working with FortiGate for six months on this issue. I finally told them that we'll be replacing their crap with a Juniper SRX when we move in...

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A FortiGate Firewall CLI Configuration Parser. Contribute to deyixtan/fortigate-config-parser development by creating an account on GitHub.mysql_config_editor uses the client login path by default, so the --login-path=client option can be omitted from the first command without changing its effect. To see what mysql_config_editor writes to the .mylogin.cnf file, use the print command:

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