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Battle Axe Contents: Basic Information and Statistics; Forging Information; Net Worth Information; Strategy and Comments. Basic Information and Statistics. Base Damage: 44 Base To Hit: 60 Melee Weapon, belongs to the 1-Handed Hafted Weapons Class. Forging Information. Viciousness [80, 20] (Uses 21 BA / Cycle) Accuracy [70, 20] (Uses 20 BA ...

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Battle Axe had started as a cover/club band but eventually original material was written. The band most likely split up around 1990/91, however a short-lived reunion took place in the 1990s.

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Mar 24, 2018 · Contrary to what many believe, battle axes from the last part of the Viking age, i.e. the 11th century, had evolved to become light, streamlined, and well-balanced. At the same time, they were powerful lethal weapons, something the recently reconstructed broad axe from Langeid in Southern Norway confirms.

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Feb 11, 2014 · To celebrate the axe and the people who continue to make them, here is a selection of 26 modern day hand forged axes made by a variety of blacksmiths that are beautiful, functional, and swoon-worthy. John Neeman Tools (now Northmen)

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Nowadays axes are mostly used as wood chopping tool and as a gifts. Our axes are fully functional. The cutting edge is forged and the engraved axe can be easily used as a battle Viking axe, camping axe tool, hunting axe tool, woodwork axe, forest tool.

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Battle axes historically have been specialized versions of utility axes. Some battle axes are suitable for use in one hand, while other larger axes are wielded with both hands. Battle axes designed for warfare range in weight from just over 1 pound upto 6 pounds, and in length from 1 to 5 feet, as in the case of the Danish axe or the sparth axe. Cleaving weapons longer than 5 feet would arguably fall into the category of polearms. Hand Forged Exact Copy of VIKING AXE from Kievan Rus, BLUNT/SHARP blade. Overall length approx. 80 cm Blade length 15 cm Axe width 18 cm

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