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Sep 26, 2019 · Giving kids words to express their emotions is a wonderful way to help them manage their feelings, talk about them with others, and understand how to process them. So, if you’re teaching Spanish to your kids or if you’re teaching English as a second language to children, this set of English to Spanish feelings flashcards is a great addition ...

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Activities that teach children feelings may seem minimal, like boredom busters, but they have a much deeper value. 1. Feelings Jenga Game by The Chaos and the Clutter. This feelings game for kids is the perfect way to get children talking about their feelings. There are multiple ways to play, along with a printable.

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The bright emotion squares are affixed to identical faded images behind so either a parent or child can easily match up each square with its correct placement. There are 12 emotions/feelings listed: Excited Happy Silly Loved Scared Sad Angry Frustrated Hungry Sick or hurt Sleepy I Need a HugUSA / Oh / Hamilton County

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Sep 14, 2017 · 9 Calm Down Ideas for Kids – Childhood 101. Calm Down Tools for Older Kids – And Next Comes L. These calm down printables will all make excellent additions to your calm down corner, and they’re free! Perfect for kids who are angry, become easily overstimulated, or need help avoiding an after-school meltdown. Enjoy!

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For children who are older, these emotional eggs would be a great tool as often this age don’t feel so comfortable to verbally share how they are feeling. An alternative could be for children to show how they are feeling using the eggs. It’s a creative outlet for older children to express how they are feeling.

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Anger, opposite calmness (not feeling excited) Friendship, is where people have a bond of joy and will come together and have fun; Fear, opposite courage (having courage in the face of fear) Shame, opposite confidence (shame: how one feels about one's past bad actions or thoughts; shamelessness: one does not feel shame, but others think one should)

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