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Mar 21, 2020 · Almond flour cooks different from regular flour, so I used an extra banana and 1/2 tsp more baking powder, along with a 1/4 cup stevia. They turn out great as a loaf, mini or jumbo muffins. Thanks for the recipe.

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Mar 16, 2007 · There is a large difference between 4 tablespoons of Splenda vs 6 packets of Splenda. The bitter taste would be from using too much Splenda. Try cutting the amount of Splenda to one tablespoon, and add to suit your taste.

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May 18, 2014 · Mix shredded coconut with coconut cream,1/2 of the vanilla extract and ½ packet of stevia and blend well with a spatula or a spoon; Place the shredded coconut mixture on a small cookie sheet lined with parchment paper

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One popular sugar substitute mixture is to blend erythritol with stevia, an all-natural plant-based sweetener which is 200-300% the sweetness of sugar to create a 1:1 sugar substitute. I will likely experiment with this option in the future, once I get my hands on some organic stevia.

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I recommend either stevia or erythritol which have almost no calories and don’t influence blood sugars at all. Remember that coffee is a stimulant and you want your body to chill out during a fast, so make sure not to drink more than 1-2 cups.

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03.08.2019 · Erythritol vs Stevia - Final Thoughts. Erythritol measures cup for cup for table sugar, but is only about 70 percent as sweet as sugar. This is why combining erythritol with stevia is a great choice and very sweet. For example, just 1/16 tsp will sweeten a cup of coffee.

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