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OEMs have ECU tunes that include ‘burbles’ that are reliable and designed to last 100,000+ miles of hard use. Reliability issues stem from a remap (be it for pure performance or for pops and bangs) being done in an unsafe manner – too extreme for what the engine can handle, and therefore doing damage.

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Aug 16, 2018 · EFILive’s FlashScan V2 interfaces with the car’s ECU and is both a scanning tool and a tuning tool. Flashscan V2 offers stand-alone data logging from the PCM, ECM and/or TCM, and you can also log up to four external analog inputs and an external serial data input (from dyno, WBO2 etc.).

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The E78 and E39 ECM use a new torque based control structure that is similar to systems used by Ford and Dodge. This is a significant change in the way the This is not inteded to be an exhaustive guide on how to tune, but the following sections give extra information with regards to tuning various things.

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Conversely, tension exerted by cells on the extracellular matrix is known to be important in the release of latent TGF-β, and thus cellular mechanics are likely to be equally important upstream of developmental signaling pathways (Buscemi et al., 2011). ECU is based on MCU Motorola MPC565 with external flash memory 2.0Mb. Allows to read full flash and write calibration area through CAN-bus with checksum correction on writing. Reading/writing time about 3-5 minutes! GM ACDelco E78 (FID: 94) ECU is based on MCU Motorola MPC5566 with internal flash memory 3.0Mb.

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