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Oct 02, 2019 · That is a good description of the noise and issue. My 2020 Denali 2500 6.6L makes the same noise. I assume other posts have a Duramax , so it’s not an engine issue. I found a technical bulletin regarding power steering noise on earlier models but it is related to extreme cold weather (-31 deg F), so maybe it is fluid related.

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(LT)>> I think my favorite part about this old truck is the sound of it because it's so deceiving or confusing for people. Think about it. Think about it. You see an old truck like this and you're gonna think it's gotta have a V-8 under the hood, and then you hear that distinctive inline 6 sound and that whistle of the turbo and the blow off valve.

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Apr 19, 2016 · I Hear a Terrible Noise Throughout the Truck Possibly your 1996 Turbo-Diesel didn't get included in the exhaust system retro-fit that addressed a problem like you are describing. That retro-fit basically isolated the exhaust system from the frame assembly similar to the design of the 1997 and newer.

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Jul 30, 2009 · I have a 2003 GMC Sierra 2500HD 4wd with the 8.1/Allison. Last weekend I took it camping and towed my pop up tent trailer. After a long and hot trip back home to Phoenix, where it was 110, when I pulled into the driveway I noticed a "hissing" sound coming from underneath the truck. He drives an '07 GMC Classic Duramax/Allison. He has in stalled the Banks 6 Gun w/PDA, 4" exhaust with banks muffler minus the cat, and banks cold air intake. He is experiencing a fairly loud whistling or blowing noise from idle up to around 30PSI boost. That is were it normally stops building power/boost and the noise stops.

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Since yesterday the engine of my Hilux KUN26 has lost power and a hissing noise. I passed the suitcase and the code P0046 appears with the two orange lights on the photo. What do you think the fault is. cordially... 2003 ranger 4.0 p0046 p0068 p2196 p2198 I am dealing with a 2003 ranger. It had a coolant leak.

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Nov 18, 2015 · If solenoid resistance fails to comply with specs, replace it and retest the system. If solenoid resistance complies with the specs in the service manual, carefully apply battery voltage and a ground signal to the solenoid and listen for an audible “tick”. If the solenoid makes a sound, it is likely functioning properly.

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