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Encryption and Decryption of query string is very necessary as query strings are exposed to users and users can alter values of query strings. In this article we will use inbuilt Encrypt and Decrypt methods available in asp .net 4.0 and asp .net 4.5 to Encrypt and Decrypt our query string.

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Search Drupal 8.0.x for toString; Search Drupal 8.1.x for toString; ... Prints the query string when the object is used as a string. ToStringTrait:: _die:

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Automatically redirect non-existing pages to the home page in Apache How to configure Apache so that requests for non-existing pages are redirected to the home page. In some occasions, you don't want people to get 404 messages when they surf to pages or folders that don't exist on your web server (anymore).

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Find am in the parallelogram if pn 9 and ao 4. the diagram is not to scale.

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For example, rather than calling mysql_query() or pg_query(), Drupal uses db_query(), which keeps the business logic layer database agnostic. Drupal’s database abstraction layer is lightweight ...

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Stacktrace: array(2) { [0]=> array(4) { ["function"]=> string(6) "handle" ["class"]=> string(14) "ExceptionTrace" ["type"]=> string(2) "::" ["args"]=> array(1) { [0 ... Sending a query string when redirecting a user using Drupal forms api To redirect a user to a new page when the form is submitted, you use the submit function like so. To send a url query along with this the obvious logical step would be to do the following Unfortunately this does not work…

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