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Hey guys Im thinking about deleting the EGR and DPF. I'm definitely want to delete the DPF but im not too sure about the EGR. I've read that having EGR actually improves fuel economy and a working EGR valve is supposed to be shut at WOT so in theory it doesn't hurt performance either. So far I...

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Home / RACEME TUNERS RaceMe ULTRA Tuner for Ram Truck 2500/3500 | Newest Update 2007.5-2018 | Cummins Diesel 6.7l | Delete DPF, EGR, DEF $ 1,499.00 $ 1,019.00 In stock

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Dec 08, 2019 · Remember during a regen, high rpm is your best friend, because it creates the hot exhaust required to burn the carbon particulates in the DPF. Reply With Quote 12-05-2019, 08:21 PM #3

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2) The Engine Management System is remapped (reprogrammed) and all the DPF structures carefully removed from the software, this will prevent the vehicle from sensing the missing filter and will prevent future regeneration and warning lights. DPF Removal is the only permanent solution to DPF problems and we back this up with a lifetime warranty! DPF is an abbreviation for Diesel Particulate Filter on some French vehicles it is also known as a FAP filtre à particules. A DPF, is a device designed to remove diesel particulate matter or soot from the...

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DPF and muffler delete I ran this way for about 5 years with the egr functioning, when $$$ is available to spend then maybe the egr delete or block. Of course the first thing I did when new and still stock was the PCV re-route, no more oily sooty vapors screwing up everything in its path including the egr.

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Aug 14, 2019 · Dpf delete Hey guys I just bought efi live, now I'm finding out that the epa got on efi live and now they don't offer it anymore, that sucks because was hoping to be able to do more dpf deletes at the shop instead of people paying $1600 for an h&s.

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