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Remove the 4-Wire Range Cord and install the replacement 3-Wire Range Cord. Next where the wires are connected to the electric range you will need to re-install the Bonding Jumper which goes between the Grounded Screw and the Neutral Terminal as shown in the 3-WIRE HOOK UP wiring diagram below.

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The gum also absorbs cord stresses and avoids cord pullout. To protect the core of the belt from destructive environmental forces such as oil, grime and heat, as well as from general wear and tear, some V-belts have a fabric cover, or band ply.

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This will ensure that the replacement window actually fits inside the opening. Remove the Old Unit. Most older windows operate with either weights or springs, both of which need to be removed to take out the sashes. Cutting the cord will allow the weight to fall while springs should be removed while the sash is at the top of the frame.

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Roof curb shall be internally reinforced with angles 48" on center and factory installed wood nailer. Internally insulated with 1 1/2” thick 3 lbs. density rigid insulation. Heights to be 8" above finished roof deck or as detailed. Top of all roof curbs shall be level, with pitch built into curb when deck slopes.

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Concrete floors should be insulated if your target room temperature is below 37°F Download our Insulation Guide to learn about types of insulation, choices, installation tips and more. Download Insulation Guide

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The needle contains thin, insulated wires, called leads, with electrical contacts attached. A small incision may be needed to insert the needle. Part of the lamina, a small bone covering the back of the spinal cord, may be removed to allow room for placement of the permanent leads via the hollow needle.

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