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Cut to fill jobs (onsite borrow) is usually just pushed by a dozer or loader, or cut and then spread with a scraper (aka pans). Site dumps may also be used for cut to fills on large sites. End dumps are usually loaded by an excavator or loader.

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Jun 02, 2008 · 3:1 means that there is three inches of rise for one inch of run. This is possible, but it is very steep; nearly vertical! You might want to check the source of the number to make sure you've got it the right way around and that such a very steep slope makes sense for in context you're applying it.

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Slope may still be expressed when the horizontal run is not known: the rise can be divided by the hypotenuse (the slope length). This is not the usual way to specify slope; this nonstandard expression follows the sine function rather than the tangent function, so it calls a 45 degree slope a 71 percent grade instead of a 100 percent. Dec 19, 2012 · I'm trying to target my property line at a certain slope (cut or fill - depending on the existing surface) in my assemblies. I'm not sure which subassembly I should use. The distance from the assembly to the property line differs. So I would like to be able to target that line instead of giving it a certain width.

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You don't need a slope percentage calculator most of the time if you already have the slope; just multiply by 100, or equivalently, and move the decimal point in the slope two places to the right. Slope is also called rise over run and is the same as the tangent of the associated angle.

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Cut and fill slopes should be at an inclination of 2 to 1 and so noted on the plan. Cut slopes of 1.5 to 1 may be allowed by the City Engineer for heights of less than five feet upon recommendation of the Geotechnical Engineer and approval of the Planning Department. ☐37. 3.2.1 cut slope 1: “pec” 648+00 to “pec” 654+20..... 2 3.2.2 cut slope 2: “pec” 729+00 to “pec” 744+00..... 3 3.3 geology and seismicity .....3

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