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Nov 09, 2019 · Engine spark knock happens when the fuel mixture is subjected to either too much compression; heat or both. So, If your engine is making that annoying knocking; pinging or rattling sound, then you’re probably experiencing engine spark knock.

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The 4.6 was certainly a smooth engine and a good power plant for a 4000 pound Lincoln. Rated at 190 horsepower that first year, the new 4.6 created forty more peak horsepower than the outgoing 5.0 liter V8. Fuel economy was the same with an EPA rating of 15 city and 22 highway (as per current EPA methods).

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By Scott Parker August 09, 2019. Gen 3 Coyotes are effortlessly making gobs of power and it was high-time we started to explore exactly how fueling works on these cutting edge dual-fuel EFI systems. If you are not familiar, the term “dual-fuel” refers to the use of both port and direct injection. The Gen 3 Coyote, introduced for the 2018 model year, features this style fuel delivery.

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Under the hood sits a Ford 5.0L Coyote V8 Engine with Electronic Fuel Injection! Power is put to the pavement through a Tremec T5 5-Speed Manual Transmission and a BMW Independent Rear Axle with Positraction! This Cobra is an absolute blast to drive and there's plenty of Coyote power on tap!

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Flex-fuel vehicles are powered by straight gasoline as well as a blend of gas and ethanol, an alcohol-based fuel made from crops such as corn. The ethanol-based fuel is known as E85. Flex-fuel vehicles usually have a yellow gas cap as well as body badges to let people know it can run on E85.

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Multiport and sequential fuel injection systems both inject atomized fuel into a port just before the intake valve. There is a difference in the way these systems operate. Multiport injection systems fire the injectors in groups.

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