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Simulation of operation of electrical machines and DC permanent magnet machines in Matlab. Using Maxwell to analyze of magnetic field in the selected systems with magnetic field. Using LabVIEW to create virtual instruments supporting electromagnetic and thermal measurements of electromechanical transducers.

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Electric field simulation Electric Field Simulation - Apps on Google Pla . E-Field Sim is easy-to-use sandbox app that helps you visualize electric field from system of charges which you can place anywhere This app is perfect for those who wishing to gain better intuition about electric fields or those who want create beautiful electric field patterns that charged particles can produce.

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an electric current flow that in turn generates a magnetic field through and around the device. Figure 1: Electric potential distribution and magnetic flux lines for a MEMS inductor. The distribution and strength of electric and magnetic fields arising from applied current and voltage can be translated into resistance, capacitance, and inductance

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The beam-envelope method solves only for the slowly varying electric field envelope by means of mathematical trickery that separates out the quickly varying part. After the solution for the slowly varying part is obtained by means of a computational method such as, for example, the finite-element method, the full-wave field is obtained by ... Electrical cables are classified by parameters such as impedance and power attenuation. In this blog post, we consider a case for which analytic solutions exist: a coaxial cable. We will show you how to compute the cable parameters from a COMSOL Multiphysics simulation of the electromagnetic fields.

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