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CodePipeline accesses GitHub using an access token. When using CodeBuild to build, test and deploy each project, information about the build environment must be provided. A build environment represents a combination of operating system, programming language runtime, and tools that CodeBuild uses to build, test and deploy - A.K.A. a Docker image.

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Github webhook. AWS CodeBuild can be supplied direct commands to run in a specified build environment where the BuildSpec.yml specifies what commands to be run. Deployment to the Beanstalk is handled by passing the artifact from the specified bucket and having an .ebextensions folder within the directory of the zipped file

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Third-party integrations. Many developer tools integrate deeply with GitHub, but lack support for Gitlab. Gitlab does have webhook support so it's possible to build your own integrations, but this can be time-consuming. Gitlab's main competitor (GitHub) has a massive social network of coders and hosts nearly all popular open source projects.

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codepipeline-datadog-events - Tool for monitoring AWS CodePipeline status and pushing events to Datadog, Slack and Cloudwatch 11 Monitor your AWS CodePipelines with CloudWatch, Datadog and Slack. CodePipeline To add a CodeBuild Project as an Action to CodePipeline, use the PipelineProject class instead of Project . It's a simple class that doesn't allow you to specify sources , secondarySources , artifacts or secondaryArtifacts , as these are handled by setting input and output CodePipeline Artifact instances on the Action, instead of ...

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CodePipeline currently supports sourcing from AWS CodeCommit, GitHub, Amazon ECR, and Amazon S3. When using CodeCommit, Amazon ECR, or Amazon S3 as the source for a pipeline, CodePipeline uses an Amazon CloudWatch Event to detect changes in the source and immediately kick off a pipeline.

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CodePipeline automates the steps required to release your software changes continuously. ... (make sure to have admin access to the repo to have access to Github webhooks).

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