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As wavelength increases, the energy of a photon _____ and its frequency _____. decreases; decreases The period of a wave is inversely proportional to the frequency of that wave.

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How frequently a wave or vibration occurs during a span of time, determines the waves frequency. Frequency is the number of waves per unit time. The unit for frequency if a Hertz ( 1/second). The speed a wave travels is the wavelength multiplied by this frequency. The amplitude of a wave is the maximum distance the wave is displaced.

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These sustainable energy sources are often called "alternative energy" because they're considered to be an alternative to traditional fossil fuels such as oil and coal. Just because an energy source is renewable doesn't mean it's 100 percent environmentally safe.

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(a) What is the photon's wavelength after the collision? 3.57 x 10-12 m 8.43 x 10-12 m It could be either one of the above The photon gives up some of its energy to the electron. If its energy goes down its frequency decreases and its wavelength increases. (b) Through what angle has the photon been deflected in this collision? less than 90° 90°

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Wavelength and the Photoelectric Effect We have related the ejected electron’s kinetic energy to the frequency, but physicists prefer using wavelength instead of frequency. v = f" f = v / " E = hf E = hc / " KE max = (hc / ") - ! You have to remember that v = f = v / " if you see wavelength on the test.

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On your wavelength. A physics blog from the Nature Reviews and Research journals. Sameera Moussa was an Egyptian nuclear physicist who worked on atomic energy and was the first We hope that by increasing transparency in the presentation of results and encouraging honest dialogue...The reference intensity (I 0) varies with wavelength in a complicated multi-function way (due mainly to source energy, monochromator transmission, slit width and detector response), so it is essential, when measuring absorption, to re-measure the reference for each discrete wavelength at which measurement is to be made.

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