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Ansible has a large community of engineers and programmers working on creating, improving, and helping with network automation. It has a systematic approach to inventory, a modular architecture that promotes code-reuse, and a large set of modules for interfacing to networking devices.

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The following environment variables may be specified. ANSIBLE_INVENTORY — Override the default ansible inventory file ANSIBLE_LIBRARY — Override the default ansible module library path ANSIBLE_CONFIG — Override the default ansible config file Many more are available for most options in ansible.cfg FILES

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Ansible roles are simple but robust features of Ansible that organize a group of variables, tasks, files, handlers, dependencies in a standardized file structure. We can create a skeleton of any role using ‘ansible-galaxy’. We can search and download roles from Ansible Galaxy as there are many pre-built roles uploaded by community members.

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About Ansible Molecule¶. Molecule project is designed to aid in the development and testing of Ansible roles. Molecule provides support for testing with multiple instances, operating systems and distributions, virtualization providers, test frameworks and testing scenarios. Multiple tags can be associated with a given task. Tags can also be applied to entire plays or roles. Limiting tasks within a play - name: DISPLAY THE VARIABLE OUTPUT debug: var: output_variable tags: debug Tags are invoked using the --tags flag while running the playbook [[email protected]]$ ansible-playbook bigip-facts.yml --tags=debug

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Indicate that the latest api-version will be used regardless of whether it is preview version (like 2020-01-01-preview) or not. For example, if the supported api-version of resource provider is 2020-01-01-preview and 2019-01-01: when passing in this parameter it will take the latest version 2020-01-01-preview, otherwise it will take the latest stable version 2019-01-01 without passing in this ...

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Ansible when variable equals another value. Following is the simplest example of checking whether Note: We need not use the "{{ }}" in the when statement for the variable. It is by default considered as...Oct 22, 2020 · 12. What are “facts” in the context of Ansible? Facts are newly discovered and known system variables, found in the playbooks, used mostly for implementing conditionals executions. Additionally, they gather ad-hoc system information. You can get all the facts by using this command: $ ansible all- m setup. 13. Explain what an ask_pass module is.

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