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The other day, I took a look at the Angular 4 Router; and, having not looked at it since the RC (Release Candidate) days, I was very happy to see that conditional router-outlets mostly work in the latest version of Angular.In fact, the Angular 4 Router seem, in general, much easier to use than it used to be.

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Is there a way to get the previous state of the current state? For example I would like to know what the previous state was before current state B (where previous state would have been state A)....

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We can get route url parameters using ActivatedRoute. ActivatedRoute provide all details of request. we can easily get query string parameters and params value. so you can easily use with your component file. I will give two way to get current url parameters in angular 8 application. so let's see both example and you can easily use it.

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The current state of the router including a tree of the currently activated routes together with convenience methods for traversing the route tree. Link parameters array: An array that the router interprets as a routing instruction. You can bind that array to a RouterLink or pass the array as an argument to the Router.navigatemethod. Routing ... Are you looking for angular get query string parameter from url? if yes then i will help you to how to get query string params from current url in angular 8 component application. we will get query string from url using ActivatedRoute in angular app. You can get easily in angular 6, angular 7, angular 8, angular 9, angular 10 and angular 11.

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Angular is a platform for building mobile and desktop web applications. Join the community of millions of developers who build compelling user interfaces with Angular. Help Angular by taking a 1 minute survey !

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We need to pass route information for id parameter and also attach query string values. The below is our action method public ActionResult Edit( int id, string name) The following syntax is used to configure the routes in AngularJS. var app = angular.module("appName", ['ngRoute']); app.config(function($routeProvider) { $routeProvider .when('/view1', { templateUrl: 'view1.html', controller: 'FirstController' }) .when('/view2', { templateUrl: 'view2.html', controller: 'SecondController' }) .otherwise({ redirectTo: '/view1' }); });

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