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A charge Q is uniformly distributed over the surface of non-conducting disc of radius R.

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The rod has a total charge of -7,5 C, homogeneously distributed along the rod. Find the magnitude and the direction of the electric field at point O, the centre of the semicircle. Solution: On this case, the charge is uniformly distributed along the semicircle. Its linear distribution of charge is: 0 ,5357 10 C / m 14 10 Q 7 ,5 10 4 2 6

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On a capacitor, the charge on the two conductors is equal and opposite: Q = Q 1 = -Q 2. Therefore, Therefore, ϕ 1 = ( p 11 − p 12 ) Q ϕ 2 = ( p 21 − p 22 ) Q , {\displaystyle {\begin{matrix}\phi _{1}=(p_{11}-p_{12})Q\\\phi _{2}=(p_{21}-p_{22})Q\end{matrix}},}

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Physics Q&A Library Negative charge −Q is distributed uniformly over the surface of a thin spherical insulating shell with radius R. a) Calculate the magnitude of the force that the shell exerts on a positive point charge q located a distance r>R from the center of the shell (outside the shell). Express your answer in terms of the variables q, Q, r, R, and constants π and ϵ0.Soft Comput. 24 20 15427-15445 2020 Journal Articles journals/soco/0013ZLG020 10.1007/S00500-020-04875-Y ...

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Physics Q&A Library A disk of radius R carries a total charge q uniformly distributed over its surface. The disc rotates with a uniform angular velocity about the z-axis (Taken as the axis of rotation). (a) Calculate the magnetic field at some arbitrary point on the z-axis. (b) What is the B-field at the center of the disk?

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C) No work is required to move the negative charge from point A to point B. D) The work done on the charge depends on the distance between A and B. E) Work is done in moving the negative charge from point A to point B. Answer: C 6) A conducting sphere contains positive charge distributed uniformly over its surface. The global distribution of magnetic helicity in the solar corona. NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS) Yeates, A. R.; Hornig, G. 2016-10-01. By defining an appropriate field line h

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