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Nov 25, 2015 · B.C. for the 225 Accubond and 250 Partition are .421 and .446, respectively. Slight advantage to the Partition (a little surprising). Hodgdon gets about 100fps more in the Whelen with the 225 vs the 250.

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Aug 05, 2019 · The .30-06 Springfield is still extremely popular, with ammo and reloading die sales still ranking in the Top 10. I have found that the Springfield makes an excellent cartridge to teach a new reloader because it’s large enough to avoid the numerous compressed loads that the .308 Winchester has, and it doesn’t have the associated case stretching issues that the belted .300 Winchester Magnum ...

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Federal Premium 7x57mm Mauser 140 Grain Nosler Partition, 20 Round Box, P7C Premium vitalshok from the world leader in premium ammunition comes vitalshok your best option for medium to large game. You spend all year dreaming of the moment of truth, so why trust that moment to anything less.

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Comparing AccuBond to Partition, their terminal performance is designed to be similar. The AccuBond's advantage would be at very long range, because of its higher BC. I especially like tipped bullets for high velocity or magnum rifle cartridges, such as the .243 Winchester and .300 Wby.

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The Partition is designed to retain close to half of its weight no matter what it hits and to plow through heavy muscle and bone. The Accubond is designed more for pennetration on thin skined game and if it hits heavy bone will possibly blow up and shread apart.

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John Nosler could have made the Partition "harder," but found that about 65% weight retention maximized killing power in .270-.30 caliber bullets and produced optimum results. Of course, as with other Nosler bullets, the smaller caliber, lighter weight Partitions are designed to expand more readily than large caliber, heavy Partitions.Thoughts on 270 or 30.06 for an elk cartridge? It looks like an elk hunt is lining up for me next year. I don’t want to invest in a magnum caliber Elk gun since I won’t hunt them often. I was thinking about a caliber that could serve as a deer rifle and an occasional Elk.

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