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Ford Technical How-To Articles. We have lots of technical "how-to" style articles here to help out you Ford owners. Although some articles may be listed for an F-150 or Thunderbird, many of these apply to many different models such as Mustang, Crown Vic, Taurus, etc.

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Mar 03, 2016 · The Ford E Series Van reliability is the stuff of legend. This is why it is included in our best commercial vehicles based on Zubie driving data. Like any vehicle though, this cavernous workspace on wheels has occasional mechanical failures. Here are the most common Ford E Series Van repair problems. #1: Rough Running Engine

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Feb 29, 2016 · Hi everyone! My 2014 Mustang v6 3.7 engine I notice has a light knock noise at idle, it doesn't go away when the car is warm. The ticking I know some Mustangs do this and I am not concerned with, but I am unsure about this other light knocking noise. I can't hear it in the car but I can hear it under the hood on the driver's side.

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Issue Some Mustang GT vehicles built between 01/11/2006 and 02/14/2006 may exhibit a loud ticking noise in the valve train area. This may be caused by a stuck/collapsed lash adjuster. This may be caused by a stuck/collapsed lash adjuster. Dec 15, 2017 · Has anyone had the issue of a tapping engine noise in the Ford V10 engine. I have a new Winnebago with a Ford V10 that has a constant tapping engine noise. At times it is very loud and then not so loud, but is constant. Under 1200 miles.

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I was about to do my bolt on mods and took my 2014 GT500 on a quick drive yesterday (hot at 91*). As I was pulling in the garage, I heard a medium-loud ticking. echoing off the ground. It sounded like a failing bearing race with a click in it. Status: Offline. Last Activity: November 10, 2019. The noise happened only when turning. Ford replaced all my wheels with versions with the correction. Status: Offline. Last Activity: April 7, 2014.

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