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flickering of dash lights time to time is an issue-the current major problem is that it will not pass emissions on three occasions it has failed next visit will be to the dealer on oct 30,2006- nys inspector/mechanic has told me that the pc in albany in nys may not read all codes all places show -oxygen sensor and cat sensor as being down and ...

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2001 Dodge Dakota tail lights and – lights went out at the same time. My – lights and my tail lights went out at the same time my headlights and my hazards do work I have a check engine light on that shows an O2 sensor and a vacuum leak I don't know if one has anyt...

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my 2001 dodge stratus is making a loud whining noise coming from the belt when it makes that noise my heater goes out and its been really cold out lately the belt was also changed a few weeks ago but it hasn’t made that noise in tell it got cold out someone help me out please.?

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Hi there. Typically a high engine RPM is caused by a vacuum leak or idle control valve failure. Although you’ve indicated that the vacuum lines and throttle control sensor are good, you might want to verify all vacuum line connections by reviewing the schematic in the service and repair manual for your Dodge Dakota, or have a professional mechanic come to your location and complete a engine ...

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From: Message: Scott P. Dodge Dakota JOIN HERE 6/10/2005 01:03:30: Subject: All lights blinking off intermittently IP: Logged Message: I have a 2003 Dakota 4x2 w/4.7L and auto trans. and am having problems with an intermittent flashing of all lights at once, where all lights, interior and exterior, to include headlamps, tail lights, marker and fog lights, blink off for a split second then come ...

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