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Debates in Congress grew so heated that fistfights even broke out between Northerners and Southerners on the floor of the House of Representatives. In fact, sectional division became so pronounced that many historians label the Mexican War and the Wilmot Proviso the first battles of the Civil War. The Election of 1848

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The History Channel: Civil War - A Nation Divided is a 2006 first person shooter videogame developed by Cauldron HQ and released under the Activision Value brand. Unlike most first person shooter videogames of then up to now...

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1858 Remington Conversion 1860 Army Conversion ... Civil War Muskets Sharps Models Percussion Rifles Flintlock Rifles Accessories. Accessories Ammo

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Meet Mary Ann Shadd Cary, a kick butt African American female abolitionist, lawyer, writer, and activist who deserves to be spotlighted and studied in every Civil War unit. This lesson allows students to do a CLOSE READING analysis on one of her speeches, a sermon she delivered in 1858 in response to the Fugitive Slave Act. For analyses of earlier literature, see Beale, “What Historians Have Said about the Causes of the Civil War”; Thomas J. Pressly, Americans Interpret Their Civil War (New York, 1962); David M. Potter, “The Literature on the Background of the Civil War,” in The South and the Sectional Conflict, by David M. Potter (Baton Rouge, 1968), 87–150; and Eric Foner, “The Causes of the ...

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11-07-050 - Allen & Wheelock 32 Sidehammer Rimfire – A classic early 1860s sidearm as carried by thousands of Civil War soldiers. 32 caliber 6 shot with 5 inch barrel. The octagonal barrel is stamped on the left side “ALLEN & WHEELOCK, WORCESTER, MS.U.S. /ALLEN’S PAT’S. SEPT. 7. NOV 9. 1858” and on the frame we see “JULY 3, 1860.”

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CIVIL WAR Era Antique SMITH & WESSON No. 2 “OLD ARMY” .32 Caliber Revolver Made During the Civil War Era Circa 1864 GI#: 101574527 CIVIL WAR Era Antique SMITH & WESSON No. 2 “OLD ARMY” .32 Caliber Revolver Made During the Civil War Era Circa 1864 Here we present an antique Smith & Wesson Model No. 2 Old ...Click for more info

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