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Instructions to Download and Process BAM files of 1.3 Million Brain Cells. Instructions to Download and Process FASTQs of 1.3M Brain Cells. ... ©2020 10x Genomics ...

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根据barcode过滤bam文件. 10x 单细胞产生的BAM文件可以根据所需的barcode进行过滤。首先,将所需的cell barcode条形码放入 filter.txt中。并在barcode前面加上CB:Z:,以确保专门过滤BAM文件中的该标记,格式如下所示:

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You can specify the contig BAM address for any 10x public dataset by going to the Datasets page, choosing a dataset, right-clicking the "Read-contig alignments" link from the list of output files, and copying the link address.

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hatpal 🧢. hatpal is an R package for alternative polyadenylation (APA) identification & analysis using 3’ scRNA-seq (10x etc.).. By clustering the possible polyA sites, hatpal can find high-confidence APA clusters without GTF file, and create a count matrix for downstream analysis after being annotated.

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#!/usr/bin/python from __future__ import print_function import subprocess import numpy as np import pandas as pd import sys from tqdm import tqdm sys.path.append ...

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BAM processing and monitoring. ... Seqkit uses package pgzip to write gzip file, which is very fast (10X of gzip, 4X of pigz) and the gzip file would be slighty larger.

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